Travel Notes of Nan’ao Island: Cross-sea Bridge, Holiday Villas, Natural Gate and Food

Spent a surprise and wonderful holiday in Nan’ao Island, Chenghai City, Guangdong, China.

First of all, let me introduce the Nan’ao Sea-Crossing Bridge. This 11.08-kilometer-long bridge connects Chenghai and Nan’ao Island, and is one of the landmark buildings of Nan’ao Island. When I walked on the bridge, I felt the sea breeze blowing on my face, and the seascape and sky in front of me complemented each other. I couldn’t help but sigh what a wonderful moment it was.

After getting off the bridge, we came to Nan’ao Island. With clear sea water and fine sandy beaches, it is a good place for vacation. On the island, I lived in a homestay called “Nan’ao Island Holiday Villa”. The room here is clean and tidy, well-equipped, and there is a private pool, which made me feel unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

In addition to accommodation, Nan’ao Island has many attractions worth visiting. Among them, what impressed me the most was the “Gate of Nature” on the Tropic of Cancer. This arch built on the Tropic of Cancer gave me a wonderful experience of crossing the northern and southern hemispheres. In addition, Nan’ao Island National Forest Park and Ocean Park are also attractions not to be missed.

In Nan’ao Island, I also tasted local delicacies. Nan’ao seaweed is one of the specialties here. I tasted this delicious dish in a restaurant called “Nan’ao Island Seafood Food Stall”. In addition, the seafood here is also very fresh, which made me eat mouthful after mouthful.

Generally speaking, Nan’ao Island is a very suitable place for vacation and relaxation. Here, I feel the beauty of nature and the harmony between man and nature. If you also want a travel experience like this, you might as well come to Nan’ao Island to have a look!


New hotel | The second Atlantis hotel in Dubai opens, creating a new royal garden in the sky

On February 10th, Atlantis The Royal in Dubai ushered in the opening. The hotel was designed by the world-renowned architectural firm KPF as the chief architectural design company. With water waves as the element and concept, the shape of the hotel was built into a stacked The boxes, hollowed out in the middle, are only connected by a 95-meter-long bridge, which can be called a brand-new sky royal garden.

The interior design is in charge of GA Group, which is inspired by an ancient nation in the Arabian desert. In the center of the lobby stands an 11.5-meter-high sculpture named “Water Droplets”, which implies rain in the desert and echoes the raindrop lighting on the ceiling. There is also the largest jellyfish tank in the world in the lobby bar area, in which more than 2,000 jellyfish swim.

The hotel has 43 floors and 795 rooms, 102 of which are suites. The room is dominated by gold, and even the toiletries are gold-plated, which is very luxurious in Dubai. Each room is contemporary in style with lighting materials and hand-carved textures, bespoke amenities by Graff and Frette for the hotel, and hand-stitched mattresses by Hypnos. In addition, hotels can offer a variety of connectivity options, including private access to entire floors.

There are a total of 17 restaurants in the hotel, eight of which are headed by Michelin star chefs, including Nobu Matsuhisa, José Andrés, Costas Spiliadis, Ariana Bundy, Mich Turner and Gastón Acurio, etc. In terms of brunch, whether it is enjoying a sumptuous party brunch in Dubai, tasting Mediterranean or Japanese cuisine, or a leisurely family brunch, Royal Atlantis Dubai can combine many interesting experiences into one Brunch with a difference.

In addition, the hotel also provides many entertainment items. The Royal Atlantis, Dubai is home to Dubai’s top bars and beach clubs, bustling from morning to night, dancing on the beach, sipping exquisite drinks by the pool, or listening to top DJs and international artists Performance.

While staying at the hotel, people can explore the world’s largest water park, embarking on a journey of discovery at Atlantis Aquaventure, enjoying 105 record-breaking slides, attractions and more. You can also meet the warm and friendly Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Atlas Village, and play with playful and lovely South African seals.

In addition, the hotel also has exclusive treatment rooms, outdoor swimming pool, meditation pavilion, personal styling salon, beauty and wellness clinic and fitness center and other facilities, and provides a unique holistic spa and wellness experience.

Etihad Airways will also restart flights to summer travel hotspots Malaga and Mykonos

On July 2, 2023, Etihad Airways will launch a direct passenger flight from Abu Dhabi to Lisbon, further expanding its European route network this summer.

Etihad Airways will operate three flights a week between Abu Dhabi and Lisbon, Portugal, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays during the summer holidays.

Antonoaldo Neves, Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Airways, said: “Etihad Airways is delighted to launch the first direct flight to Portugal, offering our guests easy access to one of the most popular summer travel destinations in 2023. travel options.

“As one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, the coastal city of Lisbon is an excellent starting point for travelers to explore Portugal, with its breathtaking beaches, historic castles, vibrant nightlife and welcoming locals.

“Our new direct flight will strengthen business and tourism links between the UAE and Portugal, and Etihad Airways would like to thank the Portuguese government for their support in launching this new route.”

Resumption of summer flights to Malaga and Mykonos

This summer, Etihad Airways will not only launch flights to Lisbon, but also resume flights to Malaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol and the popular Greek travel destination Mykonos.

Effective 18 June 2023, Etihad Airways will operate twice weekly flights to Malaga, on Wednesdays and Sundays. Nestled in a wide bay with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, Malaga is one of Spain’s most popular coastal cities for tourists, known for its miles of sandy beaches, unique exotic culture and local cuisine.

Not only that, but travelers can also look forward to Etihad Airways’ upcoming flights to the island of Mykonos, which lies in the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. From 16 June 2023, Etihad Airways will operate twice weekly flights to Mykonos, on Mondays and Fridays. With its world-class beaches, restaurants and entertainment, Mykonos is one of Europe’s top summer tourist destinations, where visitors can indulge in ancient Greek history.

With the opening of new routes to Lisbon, Malaga and Mykonos, Etihad Airways will offer passengers nearly 160 weekly flights to 21 European destinations this summer, compared to 2022 An annual increase of 20%.

Travelers can book flights to the three new destinations immediately on

World War III news: Safest places to hide in WW3 scenario

World War III is becoming a worrying future possibility as global tensions escalate across the world stage in countries such as North Korea, the USA and Russia.

Some countries are much safer than others in the event of disaster breaking out – and the safest places in the world have now been revealed.

New research identified where in the world has the lowest risk of crime and natural disasters – as well as health and terrorism risks. 

The research by consumer site Which? looked at 20 countries across the globe – and you may be surprised by the results.

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Which? looked at data from the World Economic Fund, for crime rates, the World Risk Report, for likelihood of major natural disasters, the NHS Fit for Travel website, for health risks and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) assessment of terrorism risk levels.

Of the 20 holiday destinations Which? examined, Iceland came in first place for the safest country.

Its murder rate is an average of two a year, making it one of the most peaceful places in the world.

Second place was more surprising, as it went to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) while Singapore came in third position.

Spain was revealed to be the safest popular European holiday tourist destination. Greece came in 11th place, France in 13th and Italy in 14th.

When it came to natural disasters, Iceland and the UAE again ranked well.

Although first place went to Barbados as having the lowest risk of natural disasters, Iceland came in second place and the UAE in third.

world war III 3 ww3 news russia US north korea safe countries

World War III news: Safest places to hide in WW3 scenario (Image: Getty Images)

world war III 3 ww3 news russia US north korea safe countries

World War III news: Of the 20 holiday destinations Which? examined, Iceland came in first place (Image: Getty Images)

France came in fifth position, Spain in seventh, Italy in 10th and Turkey in 12th.

The Middle East and North Africa both proved to be remarkably safe countries overall – contrary to what many people might think.

Jordan in the Middle East was revealed to have a lower risk of crime than France, Italy, the US and Thailand.

While Morocco has less crime and a lower risk of terrorism than most of Europe and the US.

What’s more, neither Jordan or Morocco have significant health risks or have high risk of natural disasters.

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world war III 3 ww3 news russia US north korea safe countries

Morocco has less crime and a lower risk of terrorism than most of Europe and the US (Image: Getty Images)

Safest cities in the world 2018
Wed, March 14, 2018
The safest cities in the world 2018 – but does London make the list?

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Safest cities in the world 2018 Getty Images

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Safest cities in the world 2018

When it came to health, the five western European countries Which? looked at were low risk.

But UAE, Japan and the US were also identified as ranking low for health risks. The NHS doesn’t recommend vaccinations for any of these nations or warn of any specific risks.

As for terrorism, the FCO cautions there is nowhere in the world where it can be ruled out.

However, Iceland again performed well in the category. The island nation and Japan both receive the “can’t be ruled out” warning.

Other countries were given “likely” or “very likely” warnings for terrorism.

Safest Places in the World

Risk of violent crime (from better to worse)

1. Iceland 6.6

2. UAE 6.6

3. Singapore 6.5

4. Spain 6.2 A

5. Australia 6.1

6. Canada 6.1

7. Japan 6.1

8. Morocco 6.1

9. Jordan 5.8

10. Barbados 5.6

Risk of natural disaster (from less likely to more likely)

1. Barbados

2. Iceland

3. UAE

4. Singapore

5. France

6. Canada

7. Spain

8. US

9. Australia

10. Italy

The secret nuclear bunkers built in the UK have been mapped should World War Three break out. 

The UK was prepared for such attacks in previous years, therefore a number of bunkers were created – and still exist. Sadly, the majority of them are now out of use.

Flights: 93-year-old air United Airlines stewardess reveals this very strict 1950s rule

flights uniform united airlines cabin crew lax

Cabin crew: Ethel Pattison, 93 (right) joined United Airlines as a stewardess in the summer of 1951 (Image: Ethel Pattison)

Flights in the 1950s were a very glamorous affair indeed and saw travellers wearing their Sunday best suits and dresses for the occasion.

The fight attendants were all female and their fashion requirements were very strict.

In the 1930s and 40s, uniforms for the first flight attendants, dubbed “air hostesses”, were military inspired, but femininity and glamour became key in the 50s and 60s.

An air hostess who served with United Airlines in the USA in the early 1950s has revealed to what fashion rules they had to follow.

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Ethel Pattison, 93, joined United Airlines as a stewardess in the summer of 1951 and flew into the autumn of 1952.

Today she is a historian at Los Angles airport in California, US. As the hub reaches its 90th anniversary, Ethel looks back with fondness on her time as an air hostess.

Ethel was based in Seattle and flew DC-3s, 4s, 6s, before jets were introduced in 1959.

She had to take a lot of care over her airline uniform – which has changed 37 times from 1930 to today.

According to The United Airlines Historical Foundation (UAHF), air hostesses wore navy blue wool gabardine single-breasted jackets of a fitted design with matching covered buttons.

“It was worn over a white short sleeve rayon blouse with a notched collar,” wrote the UAHF website.

“The matching suit skirt of slim design featured a front and back kick pleat.”

flights uniform united airlines cabin crew lax

Cabin Creww: Ethel (back row, third from right) had to take a lot of care over her airline uniform (Image: Ethel Pattison)

However, for Ethel it’s the hats that went with this uniform that stand out in her memory.

“Uniform hats were worn all the time as they wanted to keep the ‘stewardess look,’” she told

According to UAHF: “The overseas style hat in matching fabric had multi-rows of top stitching and was worn through 1956.”

Ethel added that the rule for the crew to always wear hats was eventually changed.

The strict rules did not prevent Ethel from appreciating her time with United Airlines.

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Flight secrets: Flight attendant reveals strict 1960s cabin crew rules

flights uniform united airlines cabin crew lax

Flights: International passengers arrive at Los Angeles Airport in 1963 where Ethel was a guide (Image: LAX)

Sky-high glamour: Air hostesses through the years
Wed, January 11, 2017
Air hostesses: Vintage photographs of glamorous stewardesses through the years.

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Sky-high glamour: Air hostesses through the years Getty

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Sky-high glamour: Air hostesses through the years

“I enjoyed being a stewardess, living with roommates in Seattle and travelling and learning about the United States, it was a great experience for me,” she said.

Ethel went on the become America’s First Airport Tour Guide in 1956 at Los Angeles airport.

“Tours were given to school children and adults to interest all in flying, and to make them comfortable with the airport, airplanes and flight,” Ethel explained.

“Flying gave the passengers more time to enjoy their destination, ticket prices were affordable, hence the growth and need for more passengers’ space.”

She added: “Looking back in time at how far LAX has come, it seems to adapt to its growth and increase in passenger totals well and we look forward to seeing it continue to reach its potential.

“The airport has been undergoing a USD $14-billion modernisation program over the past nine years, and the refreshing of the terminals is ongoing to create a more convenient and efficient travel experience for passengers.”

A flight attendant who served with Australian airline Qantas in the 1960s has revealed the measures they were instructed to take to improve their appearance. 

Ryanair hand luggage: One month ‘grace period’ for passengers travelling with baggage

Ryanair: New hand luggage rules change

Ryanair: Passengers have a one month “grace period” with the new hand luggage rules (Image: Getty)

Ryanair has changed their hand luggage rules for the second time this year.

The low-cost airline announced earlier this year passengers would need to pay for their baggage to go in the cabin, either with Priority Boarding or for their baggage to be put into the hold.

This came into place from November 1, leading to chaos at a number of airports such as London Stansted with many confused or having to pay additional fees.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs told RTE’s Morning Ireland: “We’re going to waive fees when customers’ bags are slightly larger, or larger, than the permitted allowance.”

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Ryanair new hand luggage rules start TODAY

He said the airline: “We decided we were going to have a grace period and waive fees weeks ago,” and was not in light of the issues at airports.

In a statement, Ryanair confirmed: “While our new bag policy came in to effect yesterday (November 1), we have briefed our gate agents to take a reasonable approach while customers get used to the new rules over the month of November.”

Many passengers were unhappy with the changes, taking to social media to vent.

One user wrote: “They are 1,000 per cent gonna lose business over the new bag check in.”

Another remarked: “Boycott @Ryanair these new luggage rules are ridiculous and quite frankly I’d rather pay more for better service and will from now on #RyanairMUSTchange.”

Ryanair: New hand luggage rules change

Ryanair: Passengers were confused at the airport over the new fees and rules (Image: Getty)What are the new rules for Ryanair passengers?

Travellers with the airline will no longer be able to take a hand luggage sized suitcase into the cabin for free.

Ryanair passengers can only travel with a personal bag that measures no more than 40cm x 20cm x 25cm.

Bags such as laptop bags or small backpacks are included in this as long as they fit underneath the seat in front.

Travellers who want to take a hand luggage-sized suitcase have two options when travelling with Ryanair.

They can either purchase Priority Boarding which costs £6 or they can pay £8for their bag to be put into the hold.

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Ryanair: New hand luggage rules change

Ryanair: Passengers are no longer allowed a free suitcase in the cabin (Image: Getty)

These fees are one way only and Priority Boarding is only available for the first 95 customers.

The bag must not weigh more than 10kg when checking it in, otherwise they could face large fees was the airport.

Earlier this year, the airline announced their first rule change which saw passengers able to put their bag into the hold free of charge while boarding.

Ryanair changed this rule after it caused flight delays amid more people opting for this baggage choice.

Cruises: Never book this activity onboard the ship during your holiday | Cruise | Travel |

Cruises: Avoid teeth whitening treatments

Cruises: Avoid one particular activity onboard a ship (Image: Getty)

Cruise ships cater to every person, offering fine dining, evening entertainment and family activities onboard.

Some offer beauty treatments such as massages and makeovers as well.

These can often be tempting if they provide discounts or cheap deals to entice guests to book.

However there is one activity that should be avoided at all costs.

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Cruises: Always do this on the first day of your holiday

One passenger advised against getting a teeth whitening treatment during a cruise holiday.

This is because of how sensitive they can be after the procedure.

Speaking to Cruise Critic, they wrote: “Do not go for the teeth whitening, no matter how cheap it is.

“We made the mistake of doing it on our first day and our gums were so sore for a couple days, we couldn’t enjoy the food.

Even if it seems to be a great value, passengers should only opt for it towards the end of their trip if they really want to make the most of it.

Cruises: Avoid teeth whitening treatments

Cruises: Some ships offer cheap teeth whitening treatments (Image: Getty)

Teeth whitening, no matter how expensive or professional, often leaves the teeth aching for a few days after.

This is because of the peroxide used in the gels to brighten them.

It can strip the top layers of the teeth off, meaning food such as ice-cream and hot meals can cause a lot of pain.

The pain does, however, wear away after a few days.

Teeth whitening isn’t the only thing to be avoided on the first day of a cruise holiday.

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Cruise secrets: Never book this on your first cruise

Cruises: Avoid teeth whitening treatments

Cruises: Teeth whitening can leave them sore for days, ruining a trip (Image: Getty)

Buying souvenirs on the first day is advised against if looking for a bargain.

Some cruise ships lower prices towards the end of the holiday to shift stock before the next excursion.

This can mean getting a much cheaper memento to remember the trip.

Taking photographs, however, should be done at the beginning of the holiday.

Cruise ships are often much cleaner and better maintained at the beginning of a trip.

Pound to euro exchange rate: GBP BEST rate after Brexit news

The pound greatly improved yesterday after it was rumoured Brexit negotiations were going well, resulting in sterling reaching near its best exchange rate since mid-June.

The increase in value against the euro came as Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, 44, responded with a “thumbs up” when quizzed about the outcome of a crucial Brexit cabinet meeting at Downing Street.

Raab and other cabinet Brexit supporters are believed to be supporting the plan to quit any proposed Irish backstop with a few months notice.

After Raab was spotted leaving the meeting, BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg tweeted: “‘Thumbs up’ – says Raab on his way out of cabinet.”

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Pound-euro exchange rate: GBP/EUR steady despite Irish concerns

The pound is currently trading at €1.147 against the euro, according to Bloomberg.

The Irish backstop is currently at the forefront of most Brexit debates. This is an emergency measure which would be set into motion if the UK left the EU without a Brexit deal.

It is designed to make sure there would be no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

However, negotiating the exact conditions of this arrangement has proved difficult so far.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has challenged existing plans for the backstop, specifically if it is a time-limited deal.

He said: “As a government, we’re working very hard to get an agreement, ideally by the end of the year but one thing we can’t countenance is any idea that there’d be a three-month limit on the backstop.

pound euro exchange rate brexit news deal best

Pound to euro exchange rate: GBP BEST rate after Brexit news (Image: Getty Images)

“A backstop with a three-month limit on it or an expiry date on it of that nature isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Brexit optimism is still riding on the wave of rumours that Prime Minister Theresa May, 62, has secured a Brexit deal to keep the UK in the customs union after it leaves the EU has kept optimism high.

Laura Parsons, currency analyst at TorFX, told yesterday: “Although the latest Brexit headlines have been offering mixed messages, rising hopes that the UK will avoid a no-deal exit from the EU have kept the pound buoyed.”

Eurozone PMI data proved disappointing on Tuesday but the pound still remained steady against the euro.

Finalised composite and services PMIs for October both showed a slowdown in economic activity – but not by as much as predicted.

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Pound to euro exchange rate: Sterling ‘strengthens’ thanks to Brexit

pound euro exchange rate brexit news deal best

Pound to euro exchange rate: The pound is currently trading at €1.147 against the euro (Image: Bloomberg)

pound euro exchange rate brexit news deal best

Pound to euro exchange rate: Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab gave a “thumbs up” after Brexit meeting (Image: Getty Images)

How to get the best exchange rate
Sun, July 15, 2018
Exchange rate: How to get the best deal on your holiday money.

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How to get the best exchange rate Getty Images

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How to get the best exchange rate

Yesterday’s German factory orders reading also disappointed, after it showed a slowdown from 2.5 per cent growth to just 0.3 per cent.

The next solid piece of data will be today’s Eurozone retail sales readings.

These could spark a euro to pound exchange rate dip, with a year-on-year slowdown anticipated, although the monthly figure is tipped to rise from -0.2 per cent to 0.1 per cent.

Annual figures are usually more high-impact than month-on-month readings, so a mid-week pound to euro exchange rate rise is still a possibility.

Meanwhile, travellers heading to the airport should be aware of the clever trick some airports use to make passengers spend more money.

Mexico: How safe is it safe to travel as ‘dangerous’ Hurricane Willa hits today?

Mexico is set to be blasted by “dangerous” Hurricane Willa today. This is the latest travel advice.

The powerful storm has brought maximum sustained winds of 140mph this morning and could also hit Mexico with life-threatening storm surge and torrential rain, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Hurricane Willa is now a Category-5 strength storm. It’s expected to be “a dangerous major hurricane when it reaches the coast of Mexico,” said the NHC.

Rainfall of up to 12 inches is anticipated and could lead to life-threatening landslides and flash flooding as well as “large and destructive waves” along parts of Mexico’s central and southwestern coast.

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The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has now updated their travel advice to Mexico.

“Hurricane Willa is expected to make landfall on the Pacific Coast of Mexico (Western Mexico), between San Blas and Mazatlan, late on Tuesday 23 October,” said the FCO website.

“A tropical storm watch is also in place between Playa Perula and San Blas. The hurricane season normally runs from June to November and affects both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.”

The FCO warns travellers should be careful even if they’re not the near the centre of the storm.

“Be aware that effects of tropical storms and hurricanes can span hundreds of miles from the centre of the storm, causing flooding, landslides and disruption to local services, including transport,” they cautioned.

“You should monitor the progress of approaching storms on the website of the US National Hurricane Centre and follow the advice of the local authorities, including any evacuation orders.”

mexico hurrican willa holidays flights news travel advice

Mexico: Is it safe to travel as ‘dangerous’ Hurricane Willa hits today? (Image: AFP/Getty Images)

Flights and airports have also been affected by Hurricane Willa as preparations begin.

Southwest Airlines has cancelled all of its flights at the International Airport in Puerto Vallarta, a resort town in Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Jalisco.

Passengers booked on flights from today through Friday 26 October, can change their flight without penalty. Passengers whose flights are cancelled are eligible for a refund or can rebook.

American Airlines has cancelled its flights in the city of Mazatlan – the second-largest city in the state of Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico.

The carrier also issued a travel waiver to the region for travellers ticketed to fly through Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta today and tomorrow.

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Hurricane Willa: ‘POTENTIALLY CATASTROPHIC’ storm becomes Category 5

mexico hurricane willa latest news flights holidays

Mexico is set to be battered by “dangerous” Hurricane Willa this afternoon or evening (Image: NOAA)

mexico hurricane willa latest travel advice

Mexico: A shop is boarded up in Mexico ahead of impact from Hurricane Willa (Image: Getty Images)

Mazatlan is a popular tourist town is lined with hotels and celebrated for its 12-mile golden beaches, golf resorts and lively nightlife.

Other local tourist destinations expected to be in Willa’s path include Ezquinapa, where 60,000 people live.

It’s highly likely other airlines with flights to the region will also follow with travel waivers.

Hurricane Willa is the tenth of the 2018 northeast Pacific hurricane season. 

The 2018 Eastern Pacific hurricane season is the most active on record, according to an index called ACE – Accumulated Cyclone Energy – used to track hurricane activity.

Antonio Echevarria, governor of Nayarit, has said more than 10,000 people were being evacuated and schools would be closed.

WATCH: Passenger shocked to see woman do this before the flight

The video captured a group of passengers waiting to board a flight.

Waiting near the boarding desk, an older woman walked towards the airport tannoy phone.

The person filming then said: “Such a chief,” as the woman, clad in a pink floral top, picked up the phone.

What she did next shocked many online.

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WATCH: Flight attendant does this on a plane

The woman used the tannoy system to say: “All the Cleveland folks need assistance at D17 please.”

Her calling was met with cheers and clapping, presumably as they were waiting for their flight.

The woman, however, seemed nonplussed and not particularly happy.

She walked off looking rather annoyed still, heading back to her seat.

The video has had more than 255,000 views on the well-known Instagram account Passenger Shaming.

Flights: Passenger airport tannoy in viral video

Flights: A passenger was caught doing this in a viral video (Image: Instagram/ gio.travelkid6)

Flights: Passenger airport tannoy in viral video

Flights: She used the airport tannoy system to complain (Image: Instagram/ gio.travelkid6)

Many Instagram users had something to say about the power move by the passenger.

One person said: “Me when I get slightly less attention than I deserve.”

Another remarked: “I could totally see my mom doing this.”

One user had more questions: “What help did they need though?”

Some people looked forward to doing it themselves in the future: “This encapsulates exactly why I look forward to my later years and not giving a f***.”

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Flights: Passenger airport tannoy in viral video

Flights: Her announcement was met with cheers (Image: Instagram/ gio.travelkid6)

The Instagram account Passenger Shaming is known for sharing funny or rude passengers.

One woman was caught putting her bare feet on the tray table despite other people telling her to stop.

She refused and blamed a ballet injury for doing it.

Another passenger was caught shaving in his seat during the flight.

He seemed obvious to how rude and unhygienic he was being.